Learn with Unite

Referrals Policy

In order for the Learnwithunite to provide a broad-ranging and high quality service for the Unite members, their families and potential members in the Northern Region, it is vital to have in place an effective referral system that is based on strong and effective partnerships with other agencies and organisations.

The Learnwithunite has access to the Nextstep Partnership directory, which details the services available from Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) providers in the Partnership.  The Learnwithunite also has access to Information from other key sources including careers publications and the Internet.  All the information is monitored and updated regularly.

The Learnwithunite policy identifies the following:

  • The rational for undertaking referrals
  • The decision to undertake referrals
  • The procedure for undertaking referrals

The rational for undertaking referrals

The Learnwithunite is committed to the provision of high quality information and advice about learning, training and careers for the Unite members, potential members and their families within the Union’s.  However, depending on agreed plans of action between the Learnwithunite interviewers/advisers and their clients, their will be occasions when it will be appropriate, and in some clients’ best interests, for the Learnwithunite to refer those clients on to another organisation or agency that can provide them with specialised information and advice.

The decision to undertake referrals

The Learnwithunite staff members who are advising a client will make the decision to refer that client to another organisation or agency.  This will only be implemented after consultation and agreement with the client.  If a client wishes the Learnwithunite staff member will act as an advocate.

The referral consists of:

  • Providing the client with contact names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and up to date information on the service that the are being referred to, but dependant on the nature of the referral
  • Contacting an IAG provider on behalf of the client if they so wish
  • Referral to the Learnwithunite if that is the most beneficial option for the client to take

Principles for undertaking referral activities

Procedures for undertaking referral activities

A referral will:

  • Be agreed between the client and the Learnwithunite staff member who carries out the advice episode
  • Be confidential in compliance with the Data Protection Act (2000) and the Learnwithunite own confidentiality policy
  • Be impartial and in the client’s best interest
  • Take into account and comply with all aspects of UK Equal Opportunities legislation and the Learnwithunite’s own Equal Opportunities police

The organisation or agency that the client is being referred to will be clearly identified to the client and every effort will be made by Learnwithunite to ensure that such organisations or agencies have reputable and reliable credentials.

The client will be verbally made aware of the following:

  • What we will do to help them
  • What will happen
  • What they will need to do