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Malpractice Policy

What constitutes malpractice?

 Malpractice is any irregular conduct, on the part of a candidate or staff, which gives unfair advantage to a candidate or group of candidates, or disadvantages other candidates. ¬†Examples of irregular conduct which constitutes malpractice includes:

  • plagiarism of another’s work (photographic or written)
  • copying or collusion, or attempted copying or collusion
  • impersonating a candidate (i.e. claiming to be someone other than yourself)
  • altering or forging any results documents or certificates

Identifying malpractice

Cases of malpractice can be identified by the tutor or IV, who may identify suspect work in coursework assignments.
In cases where malpractice is identified or suspected by Learnwithunite, a written report is submitted detailing the suspected irregular conduct, and identifying any candidates who have been complicit in this conduct.

Dealing with malpractice

 All cases of suspected malpractice are investigated thoroughly by Learnwithunite.

Stage 1

Where a case of suspected malpractice has been identified by a tutor or IV the evidence is reviewed in the first instance by a team meeting.
If it is decided that the matter needs to be investigated further, the candidate’s results are withheld until a full investigation can take place.

Stage 2

If further investigation is required, the IV will contact NOCN to inform them of
Learnwithunite’ decision, and will pass this decision on to the candidate.
A review all of the information related to the case, including the candidate’s statement and any additional information will then take place. This review has two possible outcomes:

a) Learnwithunite may recommend that the candidate’s original result is released unchanged.
b) Learnwithunite may recommend that the result be withheld permanently. In this case, the candidate will not receive the result for the component of assessment to which the malpractice is related. However, the candidate may re-enter for this component at a future date.

Completing investigations into malpractice

The malpractice procedure outlined in this section is designed to ensure that decisions relating to assessment results are fair, consistent and based on full consideration of all of the available information. Learnwithunite aims to complete the investigation of cases of suspected malpractice within 8 weeks.

Notifying OCN of malpractice

Learnwithunite will report to NOCN all cases of malpractice in which there is evidence that certificates may be invalid. Learnwithunite will co-operate with any follow-up investigations of malpractice required by NOCN and will agree an appropriate remedial action if there is evidence that certificates may be invalid.

Learnwithunite CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Check Policy

Due to the nature of work carried out by Learnwithunite it is strongly recommended that all tutors hold current CRB checks.

Learnwithunite complies fully with the CRB Code of Practice