Learn with Unite

Health and Safety Policy

This Health and Safety policy is recommended as a minimum standard for Learnwithunite.  It should be read in conjunction with the health and Safety policy of each individual centre and if applicable online.

Risk Assessment

Learning centres will carry out an annual risk assessment or a risk assessment when there are changes to the environment or equipment in the centre. 

The risk assessment will cover:

  • Display screen equipment and learning stations
  • Lighting and control of glare
  • Temperature and ventilation
  • Electrical and wiring safety
  • Noise levels
  • Fire precautions and means of escape
  • First aid
  • Accident and incident reporting


Learner Safety

New learners will receive information and advice on:

  • Safe use of learning stations
  • Posture and adjustment of seat and screen angles
  • The need for regular screen breaks
  • Possible need for eye tests
  • Avoiding RSI and stress risks
  • Means of escape
  • Reporting accidents
  • The information may include inserts in induction packs, briefings from centre staff, and online materials.  Sample information will be made available by OLP


Staff Safety                                                                                         
Learnwithunite staff will receive training in:

  • Identifying the risks set out above
  • Advising learners on safe use of learning stations
  • Recognising problems caused for learners through bad posture and workstation adjustments, lack of screen breaks, and stress caused environmental problems
  • Risk education and management of health and safety


Learning centres are primarily responsible to their parent organisation for their health and safety policy.

In addition, centres should include their health and safety policies in their Self-Assessment reports and Development Plans under the Common Inspection Framework.

During visits from the Adult Learning Inspectorate, centres will need to make available copies of their health and safety policies and risk assessments

Further Information
For further information on hazards, risk assessment, working with VDUs, and health and safety in the education sector got to the Health and Safety Executive website:


A free online course on health and safety for PC users is available from: