Union Learning Representative

What is a Union Learning Representative?

A Union Learning Representative (ULR) is a member of an independent trade union, recognised by their employer, and elected by their colleagues in the workplace.

How does the URL work with the Union?

ULRs have been instrumental in championing the importance of training and development. ULR’s work extremely hard to boost the image and strength of the organisation of their union within the workplace.

They can help widen union membership across the board and in under represented groups such as migrant workers.

How do I get involved?

Speak to one of the representatives in your workplace or contact your Regional Learning Manager in the Contact Information section.

Unite offers full training in this role, you will be helped to get paid release from work to attend a course. You are also offered on going support as you develop in the role via our network of Learning Organisers in each region.

Key roles of a Union Learning Rep?

  • Promoting the value of learning

  • Supporting learners

  • Arranging learning/ training

  • Supporting workplace learning centres

    to embed learning in the workplace

  • Above all helping others access new

    learning opportunities.


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